My Summer Wishlist: What I'm Purchasing To Have An Awesome Summer

Happy first day of Summer!! It's summer time and I want new stuffs! No seriously, here are a few things that I have been eyeing and this season is the perfect time to pick them up. 

Check out what's on my summer wish list.


1. Beach Tent - I don't have any beach vacations planned for the summer but I do plan on taking a few trips to some local beaches. I love a good tan, but being in the sun all day can be exhausting. This beach tent should give Ava and I enough shade to not get burnt out so quickly and make the most of our day.
2. Clear Spray Sunscreen - Alba Botanica has a clear spray sunscreen that I would like to try. The Alba Botanica brand is vegan and cruelty free as are all of the cosmetics that we use.


5. Straw Bag - I am most certainly buying this amazing bag!

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If I could only pick one item from this list to buy, it would definitely be the bag. What are you moms eyeing for the summer time? Leave a comment below! Until next time.

April K.
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