5 Things Every Homeschool Family Needs

Since officially starting our homeschool journey almost a year ago, I have quickly realized a few things that are must haves in my life. Along with being organized and having a flexible attitude and schedule. these things will greatly improve your homeschool days. Have a look below at what I am recommending for every homeschool family.
5 Things Every Homeschool Family Needs - TheDailyAprilnAva

1. Museum memberships - Museum memberships are a homeschool mom's, even a stay at home mom's, best friend! A membership to various museums in your city will almost always save you money and time. We use our museum memberships regularly, and I especially like the memberships that also have adult events. HERE, I have shared the best museum memberships for kids in Atlanta.

2. Library event schedules - The library is one of your best resources for homeschooling. There are tons of free (obvi lol) books, computers, printing, audio and digital media, but mostly, library events and programs. We attend local library events all the time! I just go on the library website, look at the event calendar, and write down the events in my planner to attend. We have gone to storytimes with free new books, summer reading festivals, and even family yoga classes. So if you haven't checked out the programs at your local library, I suggest doing so soon. And best of all, library events are free to attend!

3. Homeschool friends - Yes, every homeschool family needs homeschool friends! Friends not only for the children, but for the moms as well. You can meet and make friends with other homeschool families out in public, as well making friends through the internet. We met most of our homeschool friends through Facebook group meetups. Some were general mom groups and some were specifically for homeschoolers. However you decide to meet homeschool friends, be sure to keep in touch with with your new social circle. HERE are some other tips for finding and keeping homeschool friends.

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4. Amazon Prime Membership - Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial This may be a given. Every family, whether they homeschool or not should have Amazon Prime. Two day shipping, grocery delivery, music, videos, curriculum, pencils, paint, basically everything that you need for your home and homeschool at your fingertips. I've literally had Amazon Prime since 2005 when I was ordering college textbooks, so I am a true fan.

5. Amazon Kindle Fire HD - This powerful little e-reader is the best thing that I have purchased in a while. I love my kindle and I read book on it daily. I honestly don't use my kindle for anything other than reading, however it works just like any other tablet. My daughter also has a kindle and uses it for reading, playing games and watching youtube. The kindle fire works best with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, unlimited reading from over 1 million e-books! You can also download the Kindle app on any device and read your Kindle Unlimited books there as well. Such a wonderful tool to have for homeschool.
5 Things Every Homeschool Family Needs - TheDailyAprilnAva

Even if you aren't a homeschooler, this list would benefit families in general. I remember using these suggestions when I was just a stay at home mom. What are some other things that you suggest for homeschool families? Let me know in the comments! Until next time.

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