Wednesday, May 24

4 Habits of Happy Stay At Home Moms

Becoming a stay at home mom can be very enjoyable. It can also be very overwhelming. Stay at home moms have more free time than most which can lead to wondering minds. " If only I had an beautiful home like hers," " Her children are always dressed so well." I wrote a post entitled Comparison where I spoke about comparison being the thief of joy. All families are different and comparing your life to someone else's can make you feel awful. Here are a few steps that I am taking to remain a happy stay at home mom.

4 Habits of Happy Stay At Home Moms - TheDailyAprilnAva

1. Be Grateful - The grass is always greener on the other side, or so we think. Sometimes, it can be hard to find things to be grateful for after having a rough day/week with our children. It helps to say out loud or write down things that we are grateful for to remain appreciative and to bring more positivity to our lives. I like to write a daily thankful thought in my planner, it can be as complex as "I am grateful for my family" or as simple as " I am grateful for my high speed wifi" lol.

2. Social media break - This ties into being grateful. Social media has a way of making us feel unhappy with our current situations based on what others are showing as their best situations. Taking a break helps stop the comparison to others. Try "unplugging" on the weekends and see how it makes you feel.

3. Exercise - Exercise releases happy hormones, and makes us look great! If you aren't able to workout at a gym, there are awesome workouts on YouTube that you can do at home. Wake up earlier than the kids if you have to, just try to squeeze in a 30 minute workout daily to feel your best!

4. Self care - Everyone online is talking about self care lol. Self care is important, it reminds me of the quote, " You can't pour from an empty cup." I definitely know when my cup is empty, I
get annoyed easily and exercise helps with that. Also talking to and hanging out with friends, alone time, and binge watching Netflix are a few of my versions of self care.

Mom life is hard, but I want to encourage specifically stay at home moms to make the most of the life that they are living. I don't have all the answers, I am learning along the way, and I am hoping to inspire others.  What are some of your happy mom hacks? Leave me a comment below! Until next time.

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Wednesday, May 17

Ava's Playground Adventures: Oakdale Park

Ava's playground adventures is BACK!!!
It's spring time, the weather is nice and we are headed out to play! I wanted to share with you all a new playground that we frequent often. Oakdale Park  was remodeled a few months ago and is better than ever. Ava lovingly calls this "the big playground" now. It was really small before and she didn't really like playing here.

Ava's playground adventures oakdale park smyrna ga

There are 4 swings and even a couple two seated swings. Ava loves when we are on the two seated swings and would swing the whole time we are there. The younger kids playground is so cute and it even has shade! There is a sound machine that plays animal sounds when you touch it and also a piano.

Ava's playground adventures oakdale park smyrna ga

Ava's playground adventures oakdale park smyrna ga

The larger playground is the best and Ava's favorite. There are monkey bars, 3 slides, climbing ropes, ladders, everything you can think of!

Ava's playground adventures oakdale park smyrna ga

Ava's playground adventures oakdale park smyrna ga

Oakdale Park is a fun park now, Ava asks to go all the time, and she never used to ask to play here. . Shade is still limited as there are no trees around, so when it starts to get hotter, we will have to head to shadier locations. Stay tuned for more fun playgrounds, we go to playgrounds often because we love being outside. Until next time!

April K.
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Monday, May 8

6 Items Moms Need for Enjoyable Outings

Spring time is here! With Spring comes chirping birds, sunshine, and more time spent outdoors. Ava and I are always on the go. I have discovered a few necessary items that help make our outings more enjoyable.  This isn't everything that I take with us but these are what I think are the most important items to have. Check them out below!

atlanta georgia mom mommy mother motherhood top blogger shopping list summer spring backpack bag blanket california baby kids children picnic fun

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1. Vera Bradley Backpack -  Backpacks are great because they keep your hands free.  I like to use this particular bag for longer outings. It is big enough to hold all of our things, the straps are comfy, and it has zippers so nothing can fall out. I also have a smaller backpack for short outings.

The Daily April N Ava backpack Vera Bradley

2. Blanket - You need a great blanket! I have a heavy duty waterproof blanket for full on picnicking, and I have a cutsey bohemian blanket for sitting while I watch Ava play.  The boho blanket is small enough to fit in my bag and comes in handy when seating is limited at the playground. 

The Daily April N Ava bohemian blanket

3. Sunscreen and Bug Spray - No one can have fun if they are getting sunburn or bit by mosquitos. I love this bug spray by California Baby, it smells yummy and actually works!

The Daily April N Ava bug repellent sunscreen california baby

4. Reusable food storage - This Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle comes in handy when we are out as it can be refilled. Reusable food storage bags are good to have also, if we don't finish our food, I can close the container back up and not have to throw anything away. This also reduces our trash as I am working on becoming zero waste.

The Daily April N Ava life factory water bottle reusable zero waste

5. Good walking shoes - Your feet will thank you! I have a cute and comfy pair of Areosole sandals that I could walk in all day.

6. Carrier or Stroller - Kids tend to get tired faster than adults. I made the mistake of going on a walk without my jogging stroller or carrier and never again will that happen! I think I heard " Mommy, I'm tired" enough to last a lifetime! So depending on where you are going, have a carrier or stroller with you.


I hope you found this list helpful. It seems like a lot of items to have to carry around but I'd rather be prepared than not. What are some things that you take on your daily outings? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time.

atlanta georgia mom mommy mother motherhood top blogger shopping list summer spring backpack bag blanket california baby kids children picnic fun

April K.
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