4 Fun Ways To Keep Your Mommy Brain Sharp

I have been out of college and a stay at home mom for a while now and sometimes I feel like my brain is mush! Mush meaning "mommy brain" which is where I have forgotten how to interact with adults, manners, basically everything that doesn't have to do with my child.  In addition to "mommy brain", my most commonly used words are "potty", "tushy", and "kissy" lol. As an outgoing person I want to make sure I am able to hold an adult conversation if needed, so I would like to share a few things that I do to keep my mind feeling fresh. Here are 4 fun ways to keep your mommy brain sharp!

Four Ways To Keep Your Mommy Brain Sharp - TheDailyAprilnAva

FREE Online Courses 
 Coursera.org is a website where you can take free online college courses. Over the years I have taken many courses through this site including a writing course, nutrition course, and a chemistry course. Watching online webinars can also be very informative, I've watched them on different topics. I've  just discovered a new site called EDX.org. There are ways to learn foreign languages online as well. Even though I was done with college years ago, it is still good to refresh your mind or even learn a new subject.
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 I really enjoy reading a good book, most of my book collection was built with books from Amazon and Goodwill. The library is of course a great resource, but newly released books my not be available. I usually purchase newly released books from Amazon.
When I check out library books,  I read them faster  I know that I have to return the book after only a few weeks. I understand that sometimes busy moms don't have the time to sit down and read a book.  Lately I have been using Hoopla. Hoopla is available as an app and is a digital media service that allows you to stream and download audiobooks, music, ebooks, and movies using your library card. I love listening to an audio book on a long drive in the car.

Listen to Podcasts 
 I listen to podcasts almost daily, it's such a nice way to get my day started or a way to wind down at night. If you aren't able to sit down with a physical book or even listen to an audio book, then a podcast may be the way to go. Podcasts take less time to listen to than an audio book. There are podcasts about any and every subject. My favorite podcasts are about motherhood.

Have Hobbies
  Hobbies are my thing! I didn't really start tapping into my hobbies until I was in college when I began a beauty blog. Now in my real adult life lol, I love to scrapbook, do yoga, read and write.  I also like to go to different events in my hometown. Having hobbies keeps your mind sharp and is a great form of self care which all moms need.

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See anything on this list that you want to try out? I can honestly say that I have been enjoying audio books and podcasts, they are both effortless to listen to. What are some things that you do to keep your mind fresh? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time.

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