DIY First Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Happy New Homeschool Year everyone! I hope you had a productive year, learning goals met and fun adventures. This year is an exciting year for us as this is the year that we officially declare to the state that we are homeschoolers! In the state of Georgia, school is not required until the age of 6, so the day after Ava's 6th birthday, I will be signing a deceleration of intent with the state.

Build Your Own First Grade Homeschool Curriculum - TheDailyAprilnAva

I would like to share with you the curriculum choices that I have made for my daughter's first grade homeschool year. This year will be filled with reading and hands on activities. Check out what we are using below.

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Language Arts


We will be focusing on phonics, writing, sight words, spelling and heavily focusing on reading. I have a goal of reading 5 non school books to my daughter everyday.


I'm keeping it pretty simple with math this year. We will be focusing on addition, subtraction, counting money, and telling time. Ava loves to play pretend and sell me food from her restaurant, so will get plenty of practice counting money. 


We visit art museums pretty often and Ava wants to learn to draw. I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the art that we see at the museum and I also found a few drawing guides.



My little lady loves science! This year she will be taking a science class with our new co-op group! I'll also be subscribing to kiwi crate for her. We will be learning more about animals for this first semester and we will learn more about space for the second semester. We will also be watching animal shows on National Geographic.

History and Social Studies

I think history and social studies will be my favorite subjects to teach this year. We are learning more about our African American history and culture and well as learning more about other cultures.

DIY First Grade Homeschool Curriculum - TheDailyAprilNAva

I've shared most of my recent 1st grade homeschool purchases here, however, you can always visit my Amazon Store and see every single thing that we use for school. I really think you will enjoy using the books and games that I've shared, and if you do decide to purchase something, send me a picture on my Instagram @thedailyaprilnava. Also feel free to share what curricula choices you have made in the comments. Until next time!
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