My Summer Wishlist: What I'm Purchasing To Have An Awesome Summer

Happy first day of Summer!! It's summer time and I want new stuffs! No seriously, here are a few things that I have been eyeing and this season is the perfect time to pick them up. 

Check out what's on my summer wish list.


1. Beach Tent - I don't have any beach vacations planned for the summer but I do plan on taking a few trips to some local beaches. I love a good tan, but being in the sun all day can be exhausting. This beach tent should give Ava and I enough shade to not get burnt out so quickly and make the most of our day.
2. Clear Spray Sunscreen - Alba Botanica has a clear spray sunscreen that I would like to try. The Alba Botanica brand is vegan and cruelty free as are all of the cosmetics that we use.


5. Straw Bag - I am most certainly buying this amazing bag!

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If I could only pick one item from this list to buy, it would definitely be the bag. What are you moms eyeing for the summer time? Leave a comment below! Until next time.

April K.
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12 Must Read Summer Books for Kids

Summer is in full swing and we are finally getting around to picking up summer themed books to read. We have a large home book collection but only 1 book about summer. So off to I went! Check out the books that we are picking up for the summer below. 

12 Must Read Summer Books For Kids - TheDailyAprilnAva

One Hot Summer Day is a favorite of ours and is a fun book about a little girl attempting to play outside in the uncomfortable summer heat.  I love that this book is illustrated with photographs.


1. One Hot Summer Day by Nina Crews 

 5. Summer is Here by Heidi Pross Gray
6. Summer Days and Nights by Wong Herbert Yee
7. The Night Before Summer Vacation by Natasha Wing
8. The Last Day of Kindergarten by Nancy Loewen

We have a daily goal of reading at least 5 books a day. Sometimes it's the same book over and over but mostly we read different books all day. Having this daily goal is beneficial to Ava's learning and she really enjoys reading.
12 Must Read Summer Books For Children

What are your children reading for the summer? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time.

April K.
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