6 Tips to Help Your Day Run Smoother

Being a stay at home mom or any type of mom can feel like a constant state of exhaustion. As soon as you open your eyes, there is a kid asking for food, you aren't awake for 30 minutes and the living room is already taken over with toys! You still have to make breakfast, get dressed, dress the kids, and hopefully you will be on time for your playdate. A chaotic morning can make for a chaotic day. I wanted to share some tips that help my day run smoother. 

6 Tips To Help Your Day Run Smoother - TheDailyAprilnAva

1. Wake up before the kiddies - My days go so much better when I am awake before before my daughter. She wakes up at about 7:30/8am and I wake up at about 5:30/6am depending on what workout I am doing. I can exercise, shower, and maybe read before she wakes up. As much as we love our kids, no one wants to be woken up with a little human screaming that they are hungry in your face!

2. Recite an affirmation - When my alarm goes off, I'll start repeating an affirmation to myself. Positive affirmations replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Thoughts become things and I only want good things! My favorite affirmation is "Life is amazing and only good things happen to me." I'll even listen to affirmations on YouTube while I shower and get ready for the day. Inspirational podcasts are great too.

3. Have a plan for the day - Kids tend to go bonkers when they are inside for long periods of time. Plan somewhere to go for the day, it doesn't have to cost money, just something fun. If weather is a problem, have indoor activities ready. Ava loves art and can draw, color, and paint at her easel all day. Pinterest has tons of activities for indoor fun.

4. Load the dishwasher during the day - Immediately unload the dishwasher in the morning. (Remember, you have to wake before the kids!)  After breakfast began loading it with the dirty dishes. It makes the kitchen seem cleaner and it is less work than loading all the dishes at night after dinner.

5. Have an idea for lunch - Whether you decide to pack a lunch for your outing, eat out at a restaurant, or cook up a quick meal, try to have an idea in mind so you aren't scrambling at lunchtime.
6. Work on dinner during nap time - It's so tempting to nap when the kiddies go down for a nap. It feels good for the moment but then you wake up and realize how much work needs to be done. Go ahead and start cooking dinner while the kiddies nap so you aren't scrambling in the evenings either.
I hope you found this list helpful and are able to put some of these practices to use. The one tip that I highly recommend is waking before the kids. You may feel like crap for a few days getting adjusted to your new waking time, but your great day will make up for it! Until next time!

April K.
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