5 Ways to Reduce Stress During The Holidays

The holiday season is a big and important time for most families. There are many things on our to do list, shop for gifts, plan family gatherings, cook fabulous meals, remain happy and bubbly! For some, this can be a big source of stress coupled with other life factors. I've put together a list of a few small things that you can do to reduce your holiday stress. Check them out below.

5 Ways To Reduce Stress During The Holidays - TheDailyAprilnAva

Eat healthy meals
  As much as we would probably love to live on coffee alone, our bodies will  repay us by being sluggish and cranky. In order to survive the holidays, we have to start waking up and preparing a healthy breakfast for ourselves and the family. Oatmeal is always a family favorite, it's easy to make and is nutritious. I love to make oatmeal with fresh berries and nuts. Also, have a plan in mind for lunch and dinner so you won't feel rushed later into the day and turn to eating junk food. Meal planning/prepping is always a good idea. 

Get a good nights sleep
  This is easier said than done. I'm normally an early sleeper and an early riser but lately I've been finding myself going to bed at 11pm sometimes! Going to sleep this late makes me exhausted in the morning. To help myself go to sleep earlier, I've been putting down my phone and turning off my computer at about 8pm, this helps with being able to relax my mind. A cup of chamomile tea helps with relaxation. Having a nighttime routine for your children will not only be beneficial for their sleep habits but will also help you sleep better. If the kids are in the bed at a certain time every night, then you will begin to unwind at a certain time every night, leading to longer and better sleep.

Reduce time on social media
  The holidays are some of the best times to look at beautiful pictures of happy families, fabulous gifts, and extravagant vacations on social media. But, these beautiful pictures can sometimes lead to feelings of enviousness, unworthiness, and even jealousy if you begin to compare your life to those in the pictures. We have to remember that social media is a highlight  reel of your life's best moments and even though someone's life may seem "perfect", we should be grateful for the life that we currently have. Reducing time spent on social media will improve your feelings of gratefulness and overall self worth. I like to read, journal, and enjoy other hobbies during the holidays. 

Say "NO" to some holiday activities
  This is a big one for me! My little lady and I are always on the go, we love exploring and attending different events around the city. I'm getting emails daily about holiday plays, tree lightings, parades, holiday parties, and Santa visits. Of course, I want to take my daughter  to ALL the holiday things, but I have to learn to say no! Mainly because Atlanta traffic can be so terrible, it makes a typical 20 minute ride drag out for 30 and 45 minutes! Another reason is because my pockets just can't handle all the things and holiday gifts lol. So we have to choose! I'm picking a few free and affordable events to attend during the holidays and I am saying "no" to anything that makes me feel stressed about going.

Spend time with your friends
  Yes, the holidays are for spending time with your family, but don't let your friendships fall to the backburner! Hanging out with friends can be a refreshing twist to daily mom life. So plan a few friend dates this holiday season!

5 Ways To Reduce Stress During The Holidays - TheDailyAprilnAva

This holiday season, lets not run on fumes, but actually enjoy our family and friends. Lets create good memories and always look forward to this time of year. Until next time.

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