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The new school year is quickly approaching. I am excited to officially began preschool homeschool with Ava! This will be an exciting journey for us, Ava is eager to learn and I am eager to teach! I have decided to build my own curriculum for this preschool year and I would like to share a few of the resources that we will be using. 

Homeschool Preschool Curriculum Choices - TheDailyAprilnAva

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My main focus for the first half of preschool is hand eye coordination, hand control, and writing. School Zone makes excellent learning resources and Kumon is a long standing, trusted educational brand. Here are a few that we will be using:   

 I've been picking up school supplies here and there for a couple years now, I found a great writing tablet and I'm going to save the writing pages to track her progress. 

We will begin to learn sight words, daily reading with books from our home library, and we will be using daily folders. A folder will hold her school work for the day and once the folder is empty, she will be done with school.

We will also be using free library resources such as Hoopla and Miss Humblebee's Academy, as well as attending story time at the library, and participating in gymnastics and a kids yoga class.

I am glad to share our homeschool journey with you all. Any seasoned homeschool moms out there? Feel free to leave some tips and advice in the comments! Until next time!

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