Monday, June 26

8 More Must Have Podcasts for Women

Since publishing my blog post on 4 Must Have Podcasts for Moms, I have been knee deep in discovering and listening to new podcasts. I am drawn to podcasts about motherhood, self help, business, and health. On the podcast app, I search for a topic and browse through the recommendations or I will look at the top charts and featured pages. I wanted to share a few more podcast recommendations, but these aren't just for moms!

podcasts black motherhood mom mommy blogger

Coffee + Crumbs - A fun podcast about the "beautifully hard work of raising children."

podcasts for women moms motherhood top blogger coffee and crumbs

Therapy for Black Girls - I just discovered this podcast and I am hooked! It discusses personal development and mental health which can be a taboo subject in the African American community. The podcast host is also based in Atlanta, GA!

podcasts for women moms motherhood top blogger therapy for black girls

Unruffled Respectful Parenting - A podcast that offers parenting advice from a gentle/peaceful parenting perspective.

podcasts for women moms motherhood top blogger janet lansbury unruffled respectful parenting

Vibrant Happy Women - This is a wonderful show that interviews "women living happy lives even when life is hard."

podcasts for women moms motherhood top blogger  vibrant happy women with dr jen riday

From the Heart - I stumbled upon this podcast from a post on Instagram. The first episode I listened to was about manifesting abundance and I have enjoyed every episode ever since. Rachael is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and a new mom and I love hearing her perspective on life.

podcasts for women moms motherhood top blogger from the heart conversations with yoga girl

 Power of Moms Radio - This podcast helps you find the joy in motherhood, which on some days can be extremely hard

podcasts for women moms motherhood top blogger power of moms radio

Black Girl in Om - This show is right up my alley! Holistic living, yoga, self care, and wellness life perspectives from women of color to women of color.

podcasts for women moms motherhood top blogger black girl in om

The Mom Hour - The show hosts are experienced moms and give compassionate advice about motherhood.

podcasts for women moms motherhood top blogger the mom hour

These aren't all of the podcasts that I listen to but these are some of my favorites. I hope you will check out the podcasts mentioned. I truly enjoy listening to each of these and more. I think I may venture into the world of audio books next! What podcasts are you enjoying? Until next time.

April K.
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Wednesday, June 21

My Summer Wishlist

Happy first day of Summer!! It's summer time and I want new stuffs! No seriously, here are a few things that I have been eyeing and this season is the perfect time to pick them up. Check out what's on my summer wish list.

1. Beach Tent - I don't have any beach vacations planned for the summer but I do plan on taking a few trips to some local beaches. I love a good tan, but being in the sun all day can be exhausting. This beach tent should give Ava and I enough shade to not get burnt out so quickly and make the most of our day.

2. Mineral Sunscreen - Pacifica has a new sunscreen out and I would like to try it. The Pacifica brand is vegan and cruelty free as are all of the cosmetics that we use.

4. Bow Sandals

5. Unicorn Tears Cross Body Bag Chain Purse (Purple) - I am most certainly buying this amazing bag!

If I could only pick one item from this list to buy, it would definitely be that purse. What are you moms eyeing for the summer time? Leave a comment below! Until next time.

April K.
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Monday, June 12

Our Spring in Pictures

Spring, my favorite season, is coming to a close. I wanted to share a few of the springy things that Ava and I did this season. Check out our spring 2017 in pictures!

atlanta baby exchange consignment store petting zoo top mom mommy blogger
We got to pet baby animals.

garden to table atlanta georgia organic food vegan vegetables fruit gardening top mom mommy blogger
We helped grandma in the garden. That's grandma in the back!

earth day recycle game homeschool top mom mommy blogger
We played games on the balcony.

cascade nature preserve atlanta georgia cascade road hike earth day top mom mommy motherhood blogger
We went on a nature walk.

top mom mommy blogger atlanta ponce city market paris on ponce birthday girl
I had a birthday!!

atlanta botanical gardens midtown georgia top mom mommy blogger
We visited the botanical gardens.

taylor brawner park playground smyrna georgia top mom mommy blogger
We played with friends.

woodruff park atlanta downtown georgia festival top mom mommy mother motherhood blogger
And we went to festivals.

I'm excited for what the summer will bring. I have fun things in mind for us to do. In the meantime, follow me on  Instagram to see what we are up to! Until next time.

April K.
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Tuesday, June 6

Bad SAHM Habits to Break

Moming is hard, like really hard. Being a SAHM, it is so easy to fall into bad habits. No one is around to see that you haven't moved from the couch all day, and if you did move from the couch, it was to hand your little one the iPad so you can continue to sit on the couch lol. Or maybe that was just me?! I know I share all the fun, get up and go activities that my daughter and I do on my blog, but even though I have unicorn blood, I too can/have fallen prey to bad habits. Here are some of my bad habits and how I ditched them.

stay at home mom mother mommy motherhood top blogger black woman bad habits

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Wearing Sweat Pants 
At one point, I was throwing on tshirts and sweats almost daily, I probably barely even combed my hair. Not anymore! I know we need to be comfortable chasing around the little people, but now my new idea of comfort is a dress paired with sandals or jeans, a cute top and sneakers. I have been making it a point to look nice when we leave the house because you never know when someone will offer to take a pic of you with your child, or you will run into an old friend. I definitely don't want the old friend thinking " man, she looks rough" lol.

Not Packing Snacks 
No matter how much your little one eats before you leave the house, hearing, seeing, or smelling food will make them want to eat again, and they will whine until they get to eat! Case and point: I took my little person for a playdate. She had a full belly before we left the house and we weren't staying at the playdate long so I didn't bother bringing her snack. As soon as the other mom mentioned "snack" Ava wanted a snack. The whining began, and she wasn't even hungry!! So whatever you do, have some food stashed somewhere lol. I love keeping fig bars in my purse now. Lesson learned!

Too Much Screen Time 
This is a biggie. Kids can be hypnotized by a screen whether it's a kindle, iPad, television, or computer. A hypnotized kid means a break for mom. Win, win right? Wrong!!! I have personally found that too much screen time for my daughter makes her a cranky, stubborn, mess. I made the mistake of letting Ava play games on the kindle or watch PBS Kids a little too much a few weeks ago. Of course when I tell her that it is time to move on to something else, the tantrums began and  it seemed to go on for days. #help So to eliminate this behavior, we cut the cable and Ava is a new person! She is pretending a ton more, we play together more, she is attentive, and she is listening better. I will occasionally let her watch Reading Rainbow or an animal documentary on Netflix, but having the TV on all day is non existent and I am happy with that.

Can you believe it? This well planned and organized mom was leaving the house wearing sweat pants and no snacks! Thankfully I realized what I was doing, it took a few pictures of me looking horrible to realize it lol. Do you have any bad mom habits? What are you doing to change? Leave a comment below! Until next time

April K.
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