Wednesday, June 3

Cookie Time

 Like any other child, Ava is obsessed with cookies! I normally give her cookies or crackers when I am shopping to keep her entertained. Since she loves cookies so much, I recently decided to try baking cookies from scratch! 

I asked in vegan Facebook groups and browsed the internet for cookie recipes, and there are tons!  I ended up going with a recipe from  The No Bull Chef  since I already had the ingredients. The recipe is above written on a recipe card. Do people still use recipe cards? 

And here are the products that I used. 

The cookies came out soooo good! Ava gobbled them up and had chocolate smeared everywhere! I can't wait to try this recipe again. I had alot of dough left over so I made cookies throughout the week. Ava liked them so much that whenever she heard a beep on the stove, she started saying "cookies!"

April K.
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