Tuesday, January 31

Simple and Quick Valentine's Craft!

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and Ava wanted to decorate the windows to celebrate. I came up with the super simple and quick idea of beaded pipe cleaner hearts! They are very easy to make and chances are, you already have the supplies. Have a look below to see how these beaded hearts are made. 

valentines day craft homeschool stay at home mom mommy motherhood top black atlanta blogger

It is always good to have a stash of art supplies for impromptu craft projects. I used pipe cleaners, beads and bakers twine. I have had these beads since I was a child making friendship bracelets! Take two pipe cleaners and twist them together to make one long pipe cleaner. Now, have fun beading! This is great for fine motor development.

valentines day craft homeschool stay at home mom mommy motherhood top black atlanta blogger

After the pipe cleaner is beaded to your liking, twist the end pieces together as shown and begin to form a heart shape.
That is it! See, very simple. We hung our hearts on the window for the neighborhood to see!

valentines day craft homeschool stay at home mom mommy motherhood top black atlanta blogger

valentines day craft homeschool stay at home mom mommy motherhood top black atlanta blogger

Ava enjoyed making her hearts and now wants to make hearts for everyone to give on Valentine's day. Sounds like a great idea to me! We will probably make a few more crafts to celebrate the day of love and I will be sure to share them here. Until next time!

April K.
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Monday, January 23

Vegan Grocery Haul

I recently asked on my Instagram what type of posts would my readers like to see on my blog in 2017 and a few people suggested recipes. Guess what? I don't like to cook! I mean, I cook but it doesn't float my boat to do so. But I can share my quick go to meals and veganized recipes for other moms who also are not a fan of cooking.
I wanted to start with a grocery haul to show what I usually pick up from the store. I shop at Costco about once a month and Kroger weekly. I keep our pantry stocked with beans, nuts, grains and pasta. I spend about $350 a month on groceries.

 Here is my Costco haul. I picked up organic green beans, avocados, organic pita chips, organic mixed veggies, organic spinach, organic mixed berries, organic ramen pasta, organic spaghetti sauce, mushrooms, organic apples, organic soymilk, and quinoa salad. The total came out to about $90.

vegan costco shopping vegetables fruit pasta grains beans healthy top atlanta black mom mommy motherhood blogger

I don't buy everything in this picture every time I go. The quinoa salad and ramen pasta were impulse buys.

Here is my small Kroger haul. I picked up a little bit of fresh produce, juice, vegan cheese, organic sugar, organic bread, butter, smart deli (vegan deli meat), coconut milk yogurt, chickpeas, veggie pasta, organic tofu, and soft tacos. The total came out to about $60.

vegan kroger fruit veggies pasta yogurt healthy top mom mommy black motherhood atlanta blogger

With the exception of a few missing items, this is what I usually always buy from the store. I tend to make everything from scratch which can sometimes be a pain lol, but it is a healthier way of cooking. I am excited to share recipes and meals with you all.  Be on the look out for quick recipes using these ingredients. Until next time!
April K.
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Wednesday, January 4

2017 New Year Intentions

Happy New Year!!
Did you make new year goals? I make them every year, well, I have been making them every year for about 4 years. I am actually pretty good at sticking to them, but also the goals that I set are attainable. If you do decide to set goals for the new year, make sure that they are goals that you can achieve so you won't feel like you have failed if you don't achieve them.  I wanted to share a few of my goals and intentions for 2017.

1. Run a 5k. I ran my first 5k, Wanderlust, last year for my birthday, and I am hoping to do it again this year. Here is a picture from Wanderlust last year.

top black atlanta mom motherhood mommy blogger wanderlust 5k run

2. I want to get better with yoga and meditation. I slacked off from both last year.  I was forcing myself to go to an inconvenient yoga class when I can practice yoga in the comfort of my own home.

top black atlanta mom mommy motherhood blogger yoga exercise

3. I would like to utilize the law of attraction. I began learning about the law of attraction last year and I really believe that it works. Speaking positive words, thinking positive thoughts, showing gratitude, and having a daily affirmation has really helped my daily thinking and moods.

4. I would like to embrace minimalism. I am somewhat a minimalist already but I would like to kick it up a notch this year.

5. I want to take a few classes on Coursera.org. This is a website that provides FREE college courses from universities all over the world. I am going to aim for 4 classes this year since there are a few other goals that I am working on.

These are a few of the goals that I made for this year. I actually have a ton more lol. I am always making goals, lists, and plans. I think I may share monthly goals also. I hope you all had an amazing 2016 and I hope 2017 will be just as great. What are your goals for the year?
Until next time.
April K.
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