Saturday, December 31, 2016

Planning to Rock 2017!

2017 is almost here! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by.  I have already started getting things ready and organized to have a more productive and fulfilling year.  I would like to share a few ideas that I'm using create the best year ever!

planner thedailyaprilnava michaels journal writing recollections

1. Use a planner - I started using a planner about a year ago and it really helped me make the most of my time. This year I am using a traditional monthly/weekly planner and I am using a goals planner.

2. Set goals and write lists. - I find that writing this down helps my memory. This year, I purchased a specific goals planner to keep track of intentions and plans that I have set for myself. I also picked up a new notebook to jot down any lists, ideas, and notes.
planner michaels recollections writing journaling
3. Create a routine/schedule for your child - I typically use my monthly/weekly planner to keep track of our activities for the week. A planner is great for scheduling playdates, keeping track of events around the city, and even tracking weekly gas prices to drive to all these places!

4. Stick to a cleaning schedule - I find it helpful to have small cleaning jobs daily instead of cleaning everything on one day of the week. The time of day used to complete the job doesn't matter, just as long as the job is done that day.

5. Plan a day to do nothing! - Having a planned life is good but planning a day to do nothing feels amazing. Our normal do nothing day is Friday. We may go to the playground this day but for the most part, I forget about the time and go with the flow. It helps to relax from the hustle and bustle of the week.

I am excited to bring in the new year and I hope that you find these ideas helpful. Let me know how you plan to rock 2017 in the comments below!  Until next time.

Monday, December 19, 2016

5 Tips To Adjust To SAHM Life!

I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a meme that said "I'm a mother. My hobbies include neglecting my hair, repeating myself over and over, daydreaming about bed time, constantly picking up my couch cushions from the floor, and never peeing by myself."  It stuck out to me because for a long time, I was the woman it described. Not having a designated place to go everyday anymore,  I had completely neglected myself. I stayed home almost daily, wasn't doing my hair, wasn't exercising, and my hobbies were on the back burner. After a while, I began to feel a little crummy and I knew something had to change. I was a fun person before I had a baby so why was I not that way after having a baby? Becoming a mom and being a stay at home mom is an adjustment so I would like to give you some tips to make the adjustment a little easier!

1. Find mom friends! - I can't stress how much this has helped me. I actually met a lot of my mom friends through Facebook, mainly mom groups. Almost like I was looking for a date lol. "Hey girl, I saw that you live near me and we have kiddies that are around the same age. We should get together sometime." And there you have it, your first mom friend!

2. Take a break from your child/children. - Ava did not spend the night away from me until she was about 19 months old. What the heck was I thinking?! My parents have always been gladly willing to keep Ava, I guess I was just the nervous first time mom. We all need time to regroup and a little time alone will definitely refresh your mind.

3. Enjoy your hobbies... Again! - I'm sure you used to do fun things before having a child/children, so why not enjoy those things again? I personally love going to festivals, hiking, going to vegan  meetups, blogging, and reading. I am currently reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

4. Keep up with your beauty routine. - This one was hard for me. I felt bad for "wasting money" getting my hair done or buying a new bottle of nail polish. But if getting your hair laid every 2 weeks makes you feel amazing, then do it! My personal feel good habits are going to the hair salon, freshly painted hands and feet, and beautifully scented perfume. I really love scents by Pacifica.

5. Get out of the house with your children! - Stay at home moms shouldn't actually stay at home! I can't tell you how many times I've heard a mom say "it's too hot to go outside", "it's too cold to go outside", " the kids are driving me crazy so we are staying in." The kids are driving you crazy because they need to be outside! Go to the park, let the kids burn off some energy and get some fresh air.  They will have a good lunch, take a nice long nap, and you can get a little bit done around the house or even take a nap yourself.

I really want to encourage moms to enjoy being home with their babies but not forget about themselves in the process.  I wish I had read something like this a few years ago. I hope you find these tips helpful. Let me know in the comments some things that make you smile! Until next time.
April K.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tis the Season for JORD Watches!

*Christmas 2016 so graciously sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.

You guys, I was at my wits end searching for the perfect gift for my fiancé from Ava and I. We have had a million Christmases together, I have given him just about every gift a man can get. (Our child counts as the ultimate gift lol) Thankfully, I was recently approached by JORD Watches for a collaboration and review of their men's Wood Watches. Yay, Christmas is saved!

I ventured to the JORD Wood Watches website and I chose the Dover men's watch made with untreated Ebony wood and Rosewood. The price of this watch is $295.00 and all the watches come with a 12 month warranty. JORD also makes women's watches which you can check out HERE. I fell in love with this unique watch, I don't think I have ever seen a watch in this color scheme that wasn't made with  plastic or some other non-sustainable materials. I knew my fiancé would love his gift and I am all about eco friendly and sustainable fashion.

Needless to say, I was excited to receive this watch in the mail. (Like it's my watch lol) Of course I had to try the watch on, ya know just to give it a good inspection. Men's watches are usually heavy, but this wood watch is very light weight. JORD allows you to have the watch sized before shipping and even includes extra links. The watch is made extremely well and looks amazing but I think my favorite feature of this watch is that it doesn't need batteries!
Some features of this watch as stated from the JORD Wood Watches website include:  
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  •  Deployment buckle with push buttons
  • Screw-down crown
  • Drive system: self-winding automatic (requires no battery
When Ava and I give my fiancé his watch, I know he will love it even more than I do. Yep, I think it is safe to say that I picked out a cool watch and I deserve the Woman of the Year award or a new watch myself!

There is still time to pick up a JORD Wood Watch for the special man in your life.
I hope you all have an amazing holiday season and pick up your JORD Wood Watch today!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Volunteering With Trees Atlanta

For the past few weeks, Ava and I have been attending story time with Trees Atlanta. Ava had such a great time, I decided to volunteer to read the next few stories! 

It has been really fun volunteering again. When I went to college, I was always volunteering for different organizations, the main one being Big Brothers Big Sisters, but also Hands on Columbus. So, it felt good to do something the "old me" used to do.

The turnout for storytime has been great. My friends came, Ava had fun with her buddies, and the crafts came out really cute! 

Volunteering is definitely something that I enjoy doing especially when I can bring my daughter along with me. And when I volunteer so many times with Trees Atlanta, I get a tee shirt. Who doesn't love a free tee shirt?! Until next time!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Art Tuesday with Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

My little lady loves to do art. To keep down on the mess at home, we go to a story time and art class at the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art. We have been attending this class for a few months now and Ava really enjoys it. Before class starts, we like to look around the gallery. Still working on looking with our eyes and not with our hands!

This week there were Halloween stories and the kids made a hanging bat craft. It came out pretty cute and we hung it in the window of Ava's homeschool room.

Of course I like the museum because it is a pokestop!!

I really enjoy our art time at the museum. And I like doing the messy art somewhere other than our home! Until next time!

April K.
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Story Time with Thirsty Roots!

Being a stay at home mom and future homeschooling mom, I am always looking for new activities to take Ava to. I recently found a new (to us) story time and I was finally able to fit into our schedule. We went to the Thirsty Roots Story Time hosted by Trees Atlanta. Trees Atlanta is a "nationally recognized non profit citizens' group that protects and improves Atlanta’s urban forest by planting, conserving, and educating." They have activities for all ages.

The story for today was "We're Going On A Leaf Hunt" and the story teller, a volunteer for Trees Atlanta, did a great job reading and keeping the children entertained.

There was a sensory table for the children.

After the story, the kids made a leaf sun catcher.

Ava really enjoyed this story time and I did also. It wasn't crowded like a few other story times that we've gone to so Ava was able to get some special attention. We definitely have plans to go back. Until next time!
April K.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween Festivities are Begining!

My daughter is obsessed with all things fall, Halloween, spooky, and scary. She loves ghosts, skeletons, and she even likes going in the Spirit Halloween Store, a lot! October is a pretty fun month for us. I have been finding fall festivities for us to attend, we were also invited to a few events.
This past week Ava went to a pumpkin decorating party/playdate at our friend's house. This was our second year going and we always have a great time.

halloween fall pumpkin decorating party atlanta georgia friends sahm

halloween fall pumpkin decorating party atlanta georgia friends sahm

We also went to the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade this past weekend. I went last year without Ava and had a great time, so I wanted to take her this year. Parade attendees wear costumes so of course Ava and I wanted to wear costumes. We decided that our costumes would be Ash Ketchum and Pikachu from Pokémon which is an cartoon series that used to come on tv when I was younger. There was a recent launch of a Pokémon app which sort of brought this cartoon back to life for me.

pokemon ash ketchum pikachu halloween costumes mommy daughter

halloween costume pokemon pikachu

I took Ava on the train for the first time along with my bestie and her daughter. We had such a fun time, I felt like a kid all over again. I don't have any pictures of the parade, I was too busy enjoying the moment! it's also pretty hard to take pictures in a big crowd. This is probably why I need my own personal paparazzi haha. Until next time!

April K.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"From Head to Toe" Performance by the Alliance Theater

This stay at home/homeschool mom life really has its perks! Some days I feel like I am not doing enough as a mom, but today was a reassuring day. I was able to take Ava to see a performance by the Alliance Theater at the Central Library. The interactive performance was a book by Eric Carle entitled From Head to Toe.

central library atlanta georgia stay at home mom sahm homeschool book

Ava and I had a wonderful time! We enjoyed the downtown walk to the library, the theatre wasn't crowded and Ava was even able to get on the stage with the performers! Ava danced, laughed, and her having so much fun made me elated.

central library atlanta georgia stay at home mom sahm homeschool book

central library atlanta georgia stay at home mom sahm homeschool book

Today was such an enjoyable day. I am so grateful for the time that I have with my little lady. We try to go on "adventures" like this all the time. Stay tuned to see what we are doing next!

April K.
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Roswell Lavender Festival

This past Saturday I attended the Roswell Lavender Festival. I saw the event on Facebook, which is where I find out about most events now, and decided to go. Since being out of school, becoming an official "adult", and most of my friends having children, it is hard to find a weekend hangout buddy. So I went to the festival alone, which wasn't so bad! I have gone to places and events alone before, I can typically make conversation with anyone anywhere.  I didn't take very many pictures, but  I had a great time! Have a look below.

I participated in yoga and meditation, took a look at some amazing vendor booths, drank lavender lemonade, ate lavender peach popsicles and vegan cookies. But my favorite part was making a lavender wand!

Man is it hard to soak in and enjoy a moment and also snap pictures! Maybe I should get my own personal paparazzi to take pictures of me (and Ava) when I am doing fun things? LOL sounds nice in theory. Until next time!
April K.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kiddies At The Park!

Oh man, I always do this! I always say that I am going to blog so many times a week and it just doesn't happen! But I have a real excuse this time, I have really been busy. My last post was in January, and we weren't really doing much in the winter months. We were constantly picking up colds, so we turned into hermit crabs and stayed inside. But when March rolled around, I started a mommy running group and became busy with that.

The running group is called Mommies on the Run Atlanta and is going so well! We have weekly runs and playdates and I am meeting so many new moms. Today we had a run and playdate at a local park and I wanted to share a few pictures. 

play playground park tanyard creek park ardmore park atlanta georgia black brown girl

play playground park tanyard creek park ardmore park atlanta georgia black brown girl

play playground park tanyard creek park ardmore park atlanta georgia black brown girl

I love that Ava gets to play with friends every day of the week. She can play, exercise, and just have a good time! I am hoping to keep up with blogging, I think some sort of blog schedule is necessary. Until next time!

April K. 
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