Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ava Gets Fit Too!

Today Ava and I went to Gymboree class! We attend twice a week and Ava always has the best time. She gets to socialize with other babies and she gets to work on physical development. There is always a specific skill objective for the week and the teachers are excellent at making sure the babies are mastering those skills.

There is a mix of group play and individual play. We also sing lots of songs and we listen to music during the individual play. I would highly recommend Gymboree Play and Learn classes. The class sizes are small during the week, the play equipment is always clean, staff is very nice and the kids have a great time. Are there anymore baby/toddler activities around the Atlanta area that I should check out?

-April K. of TheDailyAprilNAva

Monday, July 21, 2014

Are you a Co-Sleeping Parent?

Since becoming a mom, I am up at all times of the night, and that is when I do my best brainstorming. This topic came to me last night when Ava woke up around 4am. Normally when she wakes up in the middle of the night, I change her diaper and she goes back to sleep. But last night, she did not want to go back to sleep. She wanted to stay up and play and make silly noises! Normally I rock her to sleep but she was not having it last night. So we put her in the bed with us and she went right to sleep! So I ask, do you co-sleep?

Ava sleeps in her crib in her own room and has been since about 8 months old. When she was a newborn, we co-slept. She slept in a co-sleeper that went in our bed. ( Photo from

 Once she grew out of the co-sleeper, she began to sleep in a bassinet next to me. It was so easy to have her in our bedroom. If Ava woke up, I could easily get her back to sleep, and I liked being able to hear her move and breathe at night. But once she grew out of her bassinet, she began sleeping in her own room. Here is a picture of the bassinet that we got for a baby shower gift. 

So every now and then Ava will wake up at night and if I cant get her back to sleep, or she is just having a hard time sleeping, I will put her in the bed with her daddy and I. But most nights, I make sure to keep her in her own bed because frankly I like my sleep! Ava is all over the place when she sleeps and when she is in the bed with us, I cant sleep! And a sleepy mommy makes for a grumpy mommy! I even find that Ava sleeps better in her own bed where as before, she would wake up with every toss and turn that I made. 

Here is a picture of Ava's bed. I think its pretty cozy! I am still in the process of decorating her room. It is going to be a country chic themed room. My mom made her crib skirt and her name pillows, and I can't wait for her to finish the quilt! Do any of you co-sleep? If so, how do you make sure everyone gets a good nights sleep?

-April K. of TheDailyAprilNAva

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Getting Fit with Mommy Friends

Since having Ava, I have been desperately trying to get back into shape. I want to of course flatten my tummy and tone the rest of my body. I considered joining a gym, but I  have more fun working out in the fresh air and bringing Ava along. One of my favorite parks in Atlanta is Piedmont Park. I love being downtown, the park is well maintained, dogs are always on leashes, there is a pool and a splash pad and even a garden.

Exercise Running Piedmont Park Atlanta Georgia The Daily April N Ava

Exercise Running Piedmont Park Atlanta Georgia The Daily April N Ava

Today was a good day! I met a mommy friend, Raivon of Vain Mommy, at Piedmont Park for a workout stroll. We had a really nice time. I always love going to Piedmont Park and today was especially great because there was a cool breeze and I had someone to talk to!

Exercise Running Piedmont Park Atlanta Georgia The Daily April N AvaExercise Running Piedmont Park Atlanta Georgia The Daily April N Ava

I definitely plan on going to the park for a workout at least once a week. And I will probably workout closer to the house on other days. How do you mom's stay fit with your babies? Let me know in the comments!

-April K. of TheDailyAprilNAva

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Welcome to The Daily April N Ava!

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to my little ole blog! I am very excited to be writing a blog again. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is April and Ava is my  daughter born in August 2013.  I am a stay at home mom and it has been a journey! Before I had my daughter, I was a nanny and babysitter while in college and after graduation I continued with being a nanny. I really enjoyed being a nanny, I learned alot about parenting and some techniques that I learned, I use with Ava. While in college, I also wrote a beauty blog in my spare time. But since then, my interests and my life has drastically changed.

The Daily April N Ava Motherhood Stay at home mom Atlanta Georgia Vegan Homeschool Tot School

I want to start a blog about my experiences being a new mom. I actually don't think that what I do is too much different from what other mom's do, but when I was pregnant, the internet was my best resource for parenting tips because you can get advice from women from all walks of life.

So, my blog will be mainly mommy tips and advice but I will also talk about being a vegan mom, reviews of baby foods and products, my obsession with nail polish and cruelty free beauty products and a few other topics ranging from photography to outings in Atlanta. I still have not decided whether or not to post pictures on my daughter's face online. My blog is public which means anyone has access to it including online predators. I will post pictures of her but they will be mainly candid and faceless pictures for now.

I hope you enjoy what you see and come back often. You can see daily updates on my Instagram! See you at my next blog post!

-April K.