Wednesday, September 23

Journaling For Children

I have been incorporating a daily writing/journaling practice into my life for a few years now. It brings me peace, I am able to work through and express emotions, and I am able to organize my thoughts. Usually I like to write at night when I am winding down for the day but lately I have been writing during the day. My daughter has always been intrigued with my journaling, so I like to keep blank notebooks for her to write and draw in. 
Since beginning a new homeschool year with my daughter, I have decided to incorporate journaling into her school day. Have a look below to see what journals we are using and what I believe you would enjoy using as well. 

Journaling for Children - TheDailyAprilnAva

My daughter has been enjoying her new Your Diary. She loves that it has a lock on it to keep her thoughts private and I love that is a guided diary. She also enjoys free writing and drawing in her Unicorn Diary with the blank pages. 

Here are a few other journals that would be good to incorporate into your child's day. I have friends who practice gratitude jornaling with their children. I've also seen advertisements for this growth mindset journal and I will probably be trying this out soon for my daughter. This question a day journal looks fun to use as well! 


This homeschool year is the perfect time to incorporate personal writing and journaling into my daughter's day. She is learning to gather her thoughts and express them in a creative and meaningful way. Do you have children who like to write or journal? Are you a journaling mama? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time!

Journaling For Children - TheDailyAprilnAva
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  1. Journaling is SO good for both kids and adults, although, admittedly, I don't do it often enough. It's funny that I'm reading this now because we just started doing this with our boys, and it's been really cool to see them do it!

  2. My daughter has so many journals. She loves to write. I am thinking of getting her The Big Life Journal for Kids for Christmas.

  3. This is such a great idea for our kids to develop their minds and be organize as they grow. Plus these journals looks really mesmerizing.

  4. What a great idea I need to have my kids journal as they get older. It is wonderful to be able to let our your thoughts and feelings.

  5. Thank you so much for this! It's amazing that you're normalizing journaling in children's lives. That will help them so much in so many ways as they grow.

  6. i love the q & a type journals too; and got the wreck this journal for my kids a few years ago- they enjoyed those

  7. Journaling at small age is awesome to have knowledge and experience about life.