Wednesday, October 11

Our Summer in Pictures

Autumn is here, leaves are beginning to fall from the trees, and there is a crispness in the air. We actually had to wear jackets the other day! I wanted to share a few pictures of what we did this summer. No extravagant vacations, just plain old mother, daughter time. Check out what we did this summer below!

top black atlanta georgia mommy blogger girl high museum
We took over the High Museum!

Top black atlanta georgia mommy blogger little girl natural hair kids fashion vans
We played with friends.

top black atlanta georgia mommy blogger acworth beach summer pretty little black girl
We played at the lake. 

top black atlanta mommy blogger natural hair girl
We ate Italian Ice.

top black atlanta georgia mommy blogger little girl natural hair
We played more games on the balcony.

top black atlanta georgia mommy blogger natural hair little girl library homeschool

top black atlanta georgia mommy blogger little girl natural hair full circle farm sanctuary lamb sheep warm springs
Ava had a birthday and we got to meet rescued farm animals.

top black atlanta georgia mommy blogger solar eclipse 2017
And we saw the solar eclipse!

Overall, I enjoyed my lazy summer with my new 4 year old! I am looking forward to the fall season, the cool weather, Ava's favorite holiday and of course pumpkin spice everything! How was your summer? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time.

April K.
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  1. What an awesome summer for Ava! You two are adorable. Also LOVING your coverup! That is too dang cute!

  2. Hello from a fellow Atlantan! I haven't been to the High yet, but they have so many fun events that I really should check it out soon. Love all the pictures!

  3. Wow! It looks like you guys had a great summer! I am super jealous it was a horrible summer in Oregon with all the wild fires.

  4. This is what each day should be like. I am planning to take my daughter outside as much as possible before winters actually starts.

  5. What a fun summer! The lake looks gorgeous--and I'm impressed that you did homework!

  6. I was lucky to have a nice family vacation to Disney in July. Then I got to spend two weeks in August visiting my sister in Japan!

  7. Sounds like you guys had an eventful summer. It's always nice to look back on photos and see how much fun in the sun you had! My little guy enjoyed his time outdoors during the hot months as well. Great photos!

  8. I feel so lucky that we are a generation with unlimited digital picture storage. Most of my child photos are not accessible or destroyed by wear and tear. You had a fun summer and the pictures make me happy looking at them.

  9. What a cutie!! Looks like you two had a great time :)

  10. Looks like you had a great summer! We did as well- enjoying two trips to the beach and lots of time by the pool!

  11. I keep meaning to create a montage of our summer so my toddler can refer back in future years, but I keep putting it off. Thanks for the inspiration, it was so fun to look at yours!