Monday, February 27

What's On Ava's TV?

TELEVISION!!! Yes, I said the dreaded word television. I occasionally let Ava watch TV when I need a little break, when I am combing her hair, and when I need to bribe her a little lol. But I am very picky about what I let her watch. I wanted to share some really awesome shows that she and I both like to watch.

reading rainbow amazon prime top black atlanta mom mommy motherhood blogger

1. Reading Rainbow on Amazon Prime - I was so excited to find out that a show  I used to watch when I was a child was on Amazon Prime! Reading Rainbow showcases different books and encourages children to read. Anything that encourages Ava to read is a win for me!

netflix magic school bus top black atlanta mom mommy motherhood blogger

2. Magic School Bus on Netflix - Another show I used to watch as a child! I love science and Magic School Bus teaches science in a fun way. With episodes about the solar system, ocean life, and germs, Ava will definitely learn something watching this show.

daniel's tigers neighborhood mister rodgers PBS top black atlanta mom mommy motherhood blogger

3. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS - This is Ava's favorite show. It is a remake of a show I watched when I was younger, Mister Rogers Neighborhood. I love this show for Ava, it teaches valuable lessons and offers solutions for three-nager problems lol.

netflix baby animals in the wild top atlanta mom mommy motherhood blogger

4. Baby Animals in the Wild on Netflix - This is an adorable documentary following baby animals in the wild. We are vegan and do not support animals in captivity, so I like showing her where animals really live.

Watching TV isn't a big thing in our home but these are wonderful shows to indulge in every once in a while. Do you let your child watch TV? What shows are your favorite? Let me know in the comments! Until next time.
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  1. Same here, tv isn't a big deal in our home as well. The boys watch those same shows except l, "Baby Animals." We have to check that one out :)

    They also watch:
    • Miguel y Sabo on YouTube(Spanish teaching cartoon for kids)
    • Storybots(educational)
    • Mighty Machines(educational show on how different machines and vehicles work)
    • Super hero cartoons. Now that the boys are getting bigger, they're getting more into Marvel and D.C. Comic characters, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, and Transformers.

    Great blog!

  2. We watch a bunch of shows that are on the Sprout network. Like Daniel the Tiger and Calliou. They give some great lessons.
    I had no idea Reading Rainbow was on Amazon, so thanks for that!!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! Amazon prime has some great options.

  4. My girls get to watch limited amounts of TV and when they do it has to be educational. They love watching Daniel Tiger and Bubble Guppies on Amazon prime.

  5. Earth to Luna is a great show about science, You should check it out! -Ellisha

  6. Magic School Bus is me and Lana's favorite. I've never heard of Reading Rainbow but that sounds very calm and relaxing. Will try!