Wednesday, July 16

Welcome to The Daily April N Ava!

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to my little ole blog! I am very excited to be writing a blog again. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is April and Ava is my daughter born in August 2013.  I am a stay at home mom and it has been a journey! Before I had my daughter, I was a nanny and babysitter while in college and after graduation I continued with being a nanny. I really enjoyed being a nanny, I learned a lot about parenting and some of the techniques that I learned, I use with Ava. While in college, I also wrote a beauty blog in my spare time. But since then, my interests and my life has drastically changed.

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I wanted to start a blog about my experiences being a new mom. I actually don't think that what I do is too much different from what other mom's do, but when I was pregnant, the internet was my best resource for a variety of parenting tips because you can get advice from women from all walks of life.

So, my blog will be mainly mommy tips and advice but I will also talk about being a vegan mom, reviews of products, my obsession with nail polish and cruelty free beauty products and a few other topics ranging from photography to outings in Atlanta. I still have not decided whether or not to post pictures on my daughter's face online. My blog is public which means anyone has access to it including online predators. I will post pictures of her but they will be mainly candid and faceless pictures for now.

I hope you enjoy what you see and come back often. You can see daily updates on my Instagram! See you at my next blog post!

April K.
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