Thursday, March 30

Atlanta FREE Kid Friendly April 2017 Happenings!

Spring has Sprung!! I wanted to share a few FREE events happening in the month of April. Links are available to learn more information for each event.

1. Pillow Fight in the Park - April 1st is April Fool's Day and also International Pillow Fight Day! Bring a feather free pillow to Grant Park from 3pm-6pm for some pillow fight fun. For more info, click HERE.

2. Food O Rama - Food truck festival happening at Grant Park, 11am-7pm. After your pillow fight, stop by your favorite food truck to fill your belly.

3. Festival on Ponce - Olmsted Linear Park, April 1st 10am-5pm and April 2nd 11am-5pm. There will be fine and folk art, food, music and a children's area. 

dogwood festival atlanta georgia piedmont park top mom mommy motherhood blogger

4. Dogwood Festival - My favorite!! April 7th 2pm-9pm is family Friday where there will be rides, games, and inflatables. Unlimited wristbands for the rides are $12 in advance. Depending on the weather, we may purchase wristbands. April 8th-9th are the FREE days of the festival. Art, a 5k run, live music, and food. Click HERE for more info.

5. High Museum Second Sundays - April 9th.  Every second Sunday of the month, the High Museum offers free admission and family friendly activities from 1pm-4pm.

Sandy springs artsapalooza april 2017 georgia top black mom mommy motherhood blogger

6. Sandy Springs Artsapalooza - April 15th 10am-5pm and April 16th 11am-5pm. Food trucks, live music, arts and crafts booths, and a kids area. 6100 Lake Forrest Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30328 Click HERE for more information.

7. National Park week - April 15th-16th and April 22nd-23rd Enjoy free entrance days to national parks. Parks that will be free include Arabia Mountain, and Cumberland Island if you are up for a road trip. For more information, click HERE.

Pinners conference and expo april 2017 atlanta georgia top mom mommy black motherhood blogger

8. Pinners Conference and Expo - This event is for the crafty mamas, not necessarily kid friendly though. I'd use this as a moms day out! This event  technically isn't free but there is a coupon code for a free ticket. Use promo code: ShopPinners to get the $7 ticket for free. Price increases depending on the classes you choose to take. Click HERE for all the details.

9. Atlanta Streets Alive - April 23rd 2pm-6pm. The roads will be closed off. Walk, run or bike for free entertainment and activities. Click HERE for more info.

10. Inman Park Festival - April 29th - 30th, 11am-6pm. Enjoy music, food vendors, art, kids activities and a street parade on April 29th at 2pm. Click HERE for more information.

April is a busy month! April is also the best month, I'll share why later! Fill your calendars and I will catch you on my next post. Until next time!
April K.
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Thursday, March 23

4 Must Have Podcasts for Moms Part 1

What was I doing before I discovered podcasts? Who knows, but now podcasts are my thing! If you don't know what a podcast is, it is an audio talk show available to listen to through an app on your selected device. I listen to podcasts every morning, it's like having a friend come over to talk but without having to clean up your living room! I wanted to share a few podcasts that I think are worth a subscription. Check them out below.

podcast top atlanta black mom mommy motherhood blogger

1. This Mom's Life - I think I stumbled upon this podcast by searching for "mom" on the podcast app, and I am glad I found it. I listen to this podcast almost every morning and it is hilarious! 2 moms discuss real life parenting, the good and bad, and how they manage to cope. This podcast is something we can all relate to.

2. Affirmation Pod - Affirmations have been a daily habit of mine for a few months now. I was completely hooked on daily affirmations after reading The Secret. Learning how to re-train my brain into releasing and replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, this podcast is perfect for reinforcing the Law of Attraction.

3. Extraordinary Moms Podcast - This was the first podcast that I ever listened to and the first episode was "When You Don't Feel Like An Extraordinary Mom." This episode turned my whole day/week around! It was so inspirational, positive, and reminded me that I don't have to be perfect to be a great mom. I highly recommend this podcast.

4. Stories Podcast - This isn't a podcast for moms, but for children! This wonderful storyteller performs original stories as well as classic stories for children. The storytellers voice really makes the characters come to life. We like to listen to this station in the car. It would be great for road trips.

 I hope you check out these podcast recommendations! Check out part two, 8 More Podcasts for Women, HERE.  Until next time.

April K.
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Thursday, March 16

Our First Craft for Spring!

It has been super cold here this week, between 35-40 degrees! With Spring arriving next week, I wanted to do something fun to get us into a springy mood.

crafts homeschool toddler preschool dollar tree wood paint top mom mommy motherhood atlanta black blogger

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I found these wooden plaques at Dollar Tree, I always unexpectedly find wonderful craft supplies there. Ava is using Crayola Washable Paint since my acrylic paint stains.

crafts homeschool toddler preschool dollar tree wood paint top mom mommy motherhood atlanta black blogger

I decided to paint plaque with watercolor paint . I wasn't sure if the water colors would show up on the wood, but the quality of this paint is nice and the colors are vibrant.

crafts homeschool toddler preschool dollar tree wood paint top mom mommy motherhood atlanta black blogger

Our plaques came out cute! Ava had a fun time painting and now we have decorations for the window. I'll be sharing other spring crafts soon, Ava loves art so we do it all the time. Feel free to click the link to pick up any of the paint mentioned. Until next time!

April K.
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Monday, March 13

How to Find and Keep Mom Friends!

Mom friends, how many of us have them?! Since becoming a stay at home mom, it is hard to get together with my non mom friends. They don't understand working around nap time or having to be near a restroom. They are free on the weekends and I am beat on the weekends! But this is where your mom friends come in, the ladies who understand your daily struggle lol. Here are some tips to find and keep your #MomTribe.

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How to FIND mom friends:
1. Leave the house! Mom friends aren't going to magically show up at your front door, you have to get out and socialize.

2. Spark up conversations at the playground or other kid friendly places. Chances are the moms that are out and about during the day are stay at home moms and you should have an easier time connecting and meeting up with them.

3. Join Facebook groups for moms in your area. There are groups for practically groups for everything on Facebook.  I have meet some of my best mom friends in Facebook groups.

4. Search local hashtags on Instagram. I do this all the time and I follow some wonderful local mommies. Maybe ill have the courage one day to ask them on a playdate!

How to KEEP mom friends:
5. Keep in touch! You don't have to call everyday but a text every now and then to check in is great.

6. Write down your playdates. It sucks to have a playdate planned and you get stood up, not only for you but your child who wants to see their friend. Write down playdates in your planner or use your phone to keep track.
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7. Set up mom dates too! I love seeing my mom friends on weekends without the kiddies. Something simple like ice cream or go all out for a moms night out! Either way, it forms a deeper connection that just being moms.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Mom tribes are everything! Until next time!

April K.
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Monday, March 6

Atlanta Kid Friendly March 2017 Happenings!

It is the beginning of March and I am not so patiently waiting the arrival of spring. In Atlanta, March is the unofficial start to festival season and I couldn't be more excited! I wanted to share some kid friendly, FREE events that your family will enjoy.

hello kitty cafe truck atlantic station top mom mommy motherhood black blogger

1. Hello Kitty Cafe Truck - I am the biggest fan of Hello Kitty, having a daughter makes my obsession worse lol. The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck will be at Atlantic Station Central Park on March 11, 2017 from 10am-8pm. Check out Hello Kitty Cafe for more info.

2. St. Patricks Day Parade - March wouldn't be complete without a St. Patty's Day parade! On March 11, 2017 12pm to 1:30pm, the parade will be in Midtown and will go south on Peachtree Street from 15th Street NE to 5th Street NE. Click here for more information.

3. Piedmont Park Green Market Opening Day - On March 18, 2017, the farmers market is starting back up. This market is fun because they have kid programs! Piedmont also has one of the best playgrounds around. Grab some fresh produce and let the kiddies blow off some energy.  The market entrance is at Peachtree Road and 12th Street and runs from 9am to 1pm.

brookhaven atlanta georgia cherry blossom festival top mom mommy motherhood black blogger

4. Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival - Happening on March 25-26, 2017, this festival looks like great family fun. Arts and crafts, a pet parade, costume contest and more, click here for more information.

I don't know about you, but I have our weekends planned out for the month! I'm always excited to participate in all the fun FREE activities that Atlanta has to offer. I hope this post is helpful and you are able to find an activity that you like. 
Until next time!
April K.
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