Monday, December 5, 2016

Volunteering With Trees Atlanta

For the past few weeks, Ava and I have been attending story time with Trees Atlanta. Ava had such a great time, I decided to volunteer to read the next few stories! 

It has been really fun volunteering again. When I went to college, I was always volunteering for different organizations, the main one being Big Brothers Big Sisters, but also Hands on Columbus. So, it felt good to do something the "old me" used to do.

The turnout for storytime has been great. My friends came, Ava had fun with her buddies, and the crafts came out really cute! 

Volunteering is definitely something that I enjoy doing especially when I can bring my daughter along with me. And when I volunteer so many times with Trees Atlanta, I get a tee shirt. Who doesn't love a free tee shirt?! Until next time!

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