Saturday, December 31, 2016

Planning to Rock 2017!

2017 is almost here! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by.  I have already started getting things ready and organized to have a more productive and fulfilling year.  I would like to share a few ideas that I'm using create the best year ever!

1. Use a planner - I started using a planner about a year ago and it really helped me make the most of my time. This year I am using a traditional monthly/weekly planner and I am using a goals planner.

2. Set goals and write lists. - I find that writing this down helps my memory. This year, I purchased a specific goals planner to keep track of intentions and plans that I have set for myself. I also picked up a new notebook to jot down any lists, ideas, and notes.
3. Create a routine/schedule for your child - I typically use my monthly/weekly planner to keep track of our activities for the week. A planner is great for scheduling playdates, keeping track of events around the city, and even tracking weekly gas prices to drive to all these places!

4. Stick to a cleaning schedule - I find it helpful to have small cleaning jobs daily instead of cleaning everything on one day of the week. The time of day used to complete the job doesn't matter, just as long as the job is done that day.

5. Plan a day to do nothing! - Having a planned life is good but planning a day to do nothing feels amazing. Our normal do nothing day is Friday. We may go to the playground this day but for the most part, I forget about the time and go with the flow. It helps to relax from the hustle and bustle of the week.

I am excited to bring in the new year and I hope that you find these ideas helpful. Let me know how you plan to rock 2017 in the comments below!  Until next time.


  1. I just got my planner! Same one just different cover. I love it. Has everything I need, Easy to use and has plenty of extra pages.

  2. Such great tips! I'm an organization freak so I totally appreciate this!

    xo, Amanda |

  3. I have that exact pink planner! I'm a planner freak, but considering I used to have a planner related business, that's not so crazy. Not sure what my excuse will be now that I don't have a planner business LOL. I'm not really sure anyone needs 7 different planners, but I love them! I'm using the pink one specifically for my blog. I wish they hadn't discontinued them, because they were so much cheaper than the Erin Condren.

  4. I need to use my planner more, I feel like I stray away from it a lot. I also need to plan a day of nothing, that sounds nice.

  5. I love this planner! I know its not the common norm but I love the paper planner vs using my phone or computer. For me I need to see it written down. Going to look into this planner, thanks for sharing

  6. I was a total planner junkie for years, until I stumbled upon bullet journaling. Now I make my own planner as I go. I love your tip of planning a "day off." Fantastic reminder for a type A personality like me!

  7. Great ideas! I do so much better when I have a set plan...with school about to start back up for my older 2, need to buckle down and get started with my planner! I love yours!

  8. Ilove these ideas! I have like 3 planners for different things and I love how organized I feel. I have definitely began incorporating a day to do nothing!

  9. I need to be that organize, set my goals and pit them on a list. I always get so frustrated when the end of the year come and didn't accomplished with a half of my goals.