Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer 2016 Bucket List

It is officially the summer season! Ava and I celebrated by playing at the park and going for a run with friends! I love to journal and make lists so I decided to make a summer bucket list, just a few small things that I would like to do this summer.

 Here it is:
1. SkyView Atlanta Ferris Wheel. This was built a few years ago and I just haven't made it a point to go for a ride. I think I will purchase a groupon and take Ava, she'll enjoy it.
2. Berry picking. Ava is getting older and I want her to know how our food grows. She gardens with my mom and she loves it. I'm sure it will be a great experience to pick berries too. 
3. Georgia waterfalls tour. Georgia has so much natural beauty and is home to one of the tallest waterfalls. So, I have decided to venture to as many waterfalls and state parks as possible.
4. River tubing. I picked up tubes from Costco and I can't wait to put them to use!
5. Ziplining. Groupon always has a deal to go ziplining, so I think I will purchase one and go for an adventure.
6. Hiking weekly at various trails.
7. I haven't driven go karts in a while, so that might be something fun to do.
8. Ride the Atlanta streetcar.
9. Take Ava on the Marta train.

See, nothing too outrageous. Even if I don't accomplish these goals this summer, I still have part of the fall season since it stays pretty warm here until about October. What are your plans for the summer?
April K.