Monday, June 13, 2016

Roswell Lavender Festival

This past Saturday I attended the Roswell Lavender Festival. I saw the event on Facebook, which is where I find out about most events now, and decided to go. Since being out of school, becoming an official "adult", and most of my friends having children, it is hard to find a weekend hangout buddy. So I went to the festival alone, which wasn't so bad! I have gone to places and events alone before, I can typically make conversation with anyone anywhere.  I didn't take very many pictures, but  I had a great time! Have a look below.

I participated in yoga and meditation, took a look at some amazing vendor booths, drank lavender lemonade, ate lavender peach popsicles and vegan cookies. But my favorite part was making a lavender wand!

Man is it hard to soak in and enjoy a moment and also snap pictures! Maybe I should get my own personal paparazzi to take pictures of me (and Ava) when I am doing fun things? LOL sounds nice in theory. Until next time!
April K.


  1. Yourlavander wand looks really nice. Your were always really crafty with your hands. Your Mother

  2. Are you sitting beneath a giant dream catcher? May your desires continue to be fulfilled. Your Mother.