Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kiddies at the park!

Oh man, I always do this! I always say that I am going to blog so many times a week and it just doesn't happen! But I have a real excuse this time, I have really been busy. My last post was in January, and we weren't really doing much in the winter months. We were constantly picking up colds, so we turned into hermit crabs and stayed inside. But when March rolled around, I started a mommy running group and became busy with that.

The running group is called Mommies on the Run Atlanta and is going so well! We have weekly runs and playdates and I am meeting so many new moms. Today we had a run and playdate at a local park and I wanted to share a few pictures. 

I love that Ava gets to play with friends every day of the week. She can play, exercise, and just have a good time! I am hoping to keep up with blogging, I think some sort of blog schedule is necessary. Until next time! 
April K. 

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