Monday, November 2, 2015

Fall Fun!

Happy fall and Happy Halloween! This year Ava had her first real Halloween with a costume, pumpkins, parties, and a little trick or treating! Last year Ava was only one year old, she didn't have a costume, and she didn't go trick or treating. She did however have a Halloween dress that my mom made for her and we went to a fall festival but because she was so young, she had no idea what was going on!

Halloween Fun The Daily April N Ava Atlanta Georgia ladybug costume firepit top mom mommy blogger

This year we participated in Halloween events all month long and Ava was excited to be a lady bug! We went to a vegan potluck and I was able to snap a quick picture of her. Taking a picture of Ava is hard now because she won't stand still or look at the camera! 

Halloween Fun The Daily April N Ava Atlanta Georgia black brown girl top mom mommy blogger

We also met up with our MOPS group for toddler time at the skating ring. 

Halloween Fun The Daily April N Ava Atlanta Georgia party pumpkin decorating top mom mommy blogger

Then we were invited to a Halloween party. It was fun and I got to catch up with a few moms that I had not seen in a while from my no excuse mom workout group. 

Halloween Fun The Daily April N Ava Atlanta Georgia ladybug costume

Halloween fell on a Saturday this year and Ava also takes a music class on Saturday mornings. The kids in her class dressed up in their costumes and it was so adorable. Ava's little class buddy even had on a costume similar to hers. I am convinced that they called each other to plan that! 

Halloween Fun The Daily April N Ava Atlanta Georgia lady bug costume top mom mommy blogger

And on Saturday evening, we went to a fall festival! It was the same festival that we went to last year but this time Ava was actually able to participate in the activities. She collected a few pieces of candy, jumped in the bounce house, saw a fire truck, and we even took a picture together. The picture was a big deal to me because I am mainly taking pictures of her, so I am glad someone offered to take our picture!

I'm glad that we had a fun October. I can't wait to get our pictures printed and I am excited to see what November brings! Until next time!

April K. 
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  1. So happy to play a small part in your happy little October! Love you and that lil lady bug -- see you soon! xo

  2. Painting pumpkins is a favorite fall time activity at our house too!! That and apple picking :) Fall is my favorite time of year. Love the pictures!

  3. What a cute little ladybug! It looks like she had a great Halloween!

  4. How fun!! I like getting my girls involved in a month long celebration of Halloween activities as well.

  5. Awww... She is adorable. So fun to have a month long of celebrations!

  6. I'm excited to participate in similar fall festivities with my toddler this year! Last year she wasn't quite one, but we dressed her up anyway just for pictures!

  7. She is SUCH a doll! We love fall and can't wait to get our celebrating on! We already painted pumpkins too! :)

  8. Oh my goodness, look how little Miss Ava was!! It goes by waaaay too fast. Such fun memories. :)

  9. I remember when each of my kids got to experience their first real Halloween! It was so cute.

  10. Lovely pictures.. looks like you had loads of fun. And it's always nice to catch-up with people on such events.