Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I am a No Excuse Mom!

 Last week was really emotionally rough for my family and I, but today was different. This morning I woke up feeling so good! Still emotionally sad but physically and mentally I feel amazing. I have mentioned before that I am trying to loose weight, tone up, gain muscle, and maybe run a 5k race. And I have done just that! Well I have lost weight and I have toned up. I took before pictures in March because I was determined to make progress with my body.  I did not feel good about the way I looked, I didn't have any energy, and I just overall felt like crap. Check out a few of my before and after pictures.

exercise vegan no excuse mom HIIT tabata cardio kickboxing workout

exercise vegan no excuse mom HIIT tabata cardio kickboxing workout

Man oh man! I can't believe I still looked pregnant over a year later after Ava was born. But that is what can happen when you sit around all day eating for no reason and not exercising. I had fallen into a depressed rut. But I am back!!! I lost weight with a combination of my vegan lifestyle, YouTube workout videos from Fitness Blender that consisted of HIIT, Tabata, cardio, kick boxing, and strength training, some yoga on rest days, and running. I am still working on gaining muscle and toning a bit more. I want ab muscles and a would love a bigger tush.

I just wanted to write this to say that getting in shape does not have to be hard or expensive. I made progress without a gym! I run with my daughter in a jogging stroller outside on a free trail, I workout before Ava wakes up or during nap time, and I workout with other No Excuse Moms in my area. It can be done moms! I AM A NO EXCUSE MOM!! 

April K.
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