Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Good SAHM Habits to Embrace

Habits, those little things that we do and don't even realize we are doing them. We all have habits, I like to think that I, as well as most people, have a more good habits than bad. Some of my personal good habits include waking up before my daughter, preparing breakfast daily, and using a planner to plan our days. Good habits are necessary for all moms especially stay at home moms. It's so easy for us to fall into bad habits, I wrote about a few HERE. I wanted to share a few habits that are good to embrace whether you are a stay at home mom or not.

Good habits stay at home mom beach mom friends the daily april n ava

Planning playdates - One of my best SAHM habits is planning playdates and meetups! I am the queen of getting together with my mom friends.  Sometimes I plan large meetups in my Facebook group Mom Friends of Atlanta or I'll just text my friends about getting together for a playdate. The picture above is a meetup with my #MomTribe at a local beach.  I like to keep playdates simple, a playground, splash pad, or every now and then, someone's home. Either way, getting together with friends as a SAHM is needed for both you and your child.

Crafts - Target dollar spot and Dollar Tree are my BFFs when it comes to crafts. Crafts can make a long rainy day at home bearable lol. I like to keep some art supplies on hand like paper, crayons, paint. But for special projects, I'll head to the store to pick up what I need. Ava likes to paint and draw. One of her favorite toys is an easel that I picked up from Ikea. Sometimes, we will head to a local art museum to do crafts.

Reading library atlanta georgia the daily april n ava black brown girl

Daily reading - Reading is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your child. We set a small goal to read at least 5 books a day. Reading helps with brain development, is wonderful for bonding, and what child doesn't love reading! I like to read for myself at night before bed. Sometimes I'll read when I wake up in the morning. I prefer an audio book if I am reading in the morning. I also set a goal for myself of reading 1 book a month.

We are all striving to be the best mom that we can be to our children. I like to think that these few good habits make me feel like super mom. What are some of your good mom habits? Let me know in the comments! Until next time.

April K.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Guest Post: Summer Outfits To Look Effortlessly Pretty

You guys, I'm super thrilled to bring you a guest post from my bestie Ellisha of CorporateBabe! I was finally able to have Ellisha grace my blog with her amazing fashion expertise. Ellisha's company, CorporateBabe, sells premium virgin hair to women from all walks of life. She also has a blog that discusses hair care, fashion, and beauty. Check out her post below!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be featured on The Daily April N Ava! April is one of my dearest friends and I’m flattered that she would ask me to do a post. As moms, sometimes we tend to be so focused on our families, that we can neglect our personal style. It can be easy to just throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I used to do this because I figured who cares what I’m wearing anyway. Over time, I found that I felt better when I took the extra time to put together an amazing outfit that I loved. I also found that it didn’t take as much effort as I thought it would and it was actually fun! This post will be a guide to help you decide what to wear to different events or places this summer. I created all of these looks on Polyvore.

Summer outfits mom stay at home mom fashion mother purse denim skirt wedge shoe lunch with friends

1. Lunch with friends
Front button skirts are a go to look this summer! I love the length of this skirt because I’m not self-conscious about it being too short and won’t keep pulling it down the whole time. With the bottom being so “basic” it’s good to pair it with a fun top. This one is adorable! Lastly, a wedge is a cute but
comfortable way to dress your look up a bit. I’m not into matchy, matchy, so this mustard color is a great way to offset the red and green in the top.

shorts shirt sandals summer mom stay at home mom purse fashion playdate at the park

2. Playdate at the park
Even though you’re at the park, you can still look cute! These linen shorts are light weight and comfortable so the heat won’t be an issue. Pineapples are IN this summer. This top is a fun way to incorporate some playfulness into your look. Since it’s flowy, it can be worn tucked in or left out. I love Birkenstocks, they’re cute and durable enough to chase the kiddos around. I always wear a crossbody to the park or playground with the kids. I hate having to fumble with an oversized bag (which I love) in addition to running after my 5 and 2 year old.

skirt shirt heels earrings purse mom mother outfit summer brunch fashion sunday

3. Sunday Brunch
I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve been invited to a lot more brunches lately. I feel like this look is fun, appropriate for brunch, and comfortable. I don’t think there’s anything brunchier than a circle skirt. I’m not really a big fan of heels so I would definitely opt for a wedge but these are super cute and a T-strap always looks great with a skirt. The top is lightweight which is good since it would be tucked into the skirt. I hate tucking in a stiff, bulky shirt. I love a unique clutch. This one goes with the look perfectly. Not too matchy and the subtle hints of pink ties it into the look.

dress heels earrings purse mom mother outfit summer fashion date night

4. Date Night
Of course date night can be anywhere, but for this look we’re doing a nice dinner out. It’s a great opportunity to break out that flirty dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion. I’ve been drawn to blue lately and I think this dress is the perfect shade of blue. Like I said before, a T-strap looks great anytime your legs are out. These block heels are comfortable and still stick to the look you’re going for. This might sound weird, but since the buckles on the heels are silver I would wear silver jewelry with this look. But with this look you definitely could do gold or even pearls.

I hope you liked what I put together! Of the four, I think the Lunch with friends look is my favorite. If you have any questions just comment below and April or I will happily answer them. Thanks again, April! I can’t wait to do this again!
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Our Day at Sweetwater Creek State Park 6/100

Today is day 6 of the 100 Days of Blogging Challenge and I am pretty darn proud of myself for consistently sharing blog posts! I don't have a long post for today, but I wanted to share a few pictures from our morning at Sweetwater Creek State Park.

Sweetwater Creek state park georgia black brown girl woman water
I try to take Ava on hikes as often as possible, we both enjoy them. We usually hike with friends but today was a solo hike.

sweetwater creek state park black brown girl water

Ava has a great time, she splashed in the water, made a few new friends, and even smiled for a few pictures!

sweetwater creek state park georgia black brown girl water

I have a few videos of our morning on my Instagram, just click HERE and tap my profile picture to watch my IG Stories. Check them out and I'll see you on my next post!

April K.
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July is World Watercolor Month! 5/100

black brown girl painting watercolor coloring

Looking at the National Day Calendar website has always been fun for me. It gives me fun ideas of things to celebrate with Ava. From National Donut Day to National Popcorn Day, there is something for everyone to celebrate. According to the National Day Calendar, July is World Watercolor Month.  Ava loves to paint, she actually loves all types of art. We try to do some sort of art everyday to foster creativity and also as a part of tot school.

watercolor painting paint

The other day, Ava asked to color and instead of coloring, we decided to paint a picture and use water colors. I prefer watercolor paint because it keeps the mess down. Kids paint, although washable, is messy, and acrylic paint stains. I usually get Ava's paint from Dollar Tree and my paint came from Michael's. My water color set has great color payoff. I've even painted some of Ava's wooden dollhouse furniture with this paint set.

melissa and doug coloring

The coloring pages are from a Melissa and Doug jumbo coloring pad that I picked up from TJ Maxx. The pages have really big and simple pictures which are easier for younger children to color.

melissa and doug coloring painting watercolor paint

Check out our masterpieces. We may be on our way to having our own art exhibit in a museum! I love doing activities like this with Ava, we both enjoy it. What activities do you enjoy doing with your little? Let me know in the comments below! Until Tomorrow.

April K.