Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Honey Pot Company: Feminine Wash Review

*Although the products were given to me for review, all opinions are my own. There are no affiliate links, just a link to the product website.

Ladies, mamas, mompreneurs, mom tribe, girl bosses, I have some goodies to share with you! I was recently able to try out a new to me product, Honey Pot Feminine Wash. I've never really used a feminine wash before now because I was afraid of what the harsh ingredients would do to my skin and lady bits. So, maybe I should start from the beginning.

I became vegetarian when I was in college in 2009. I became vegan in 2013. It was when I became vegetarian that I decided to switch my beauty products to all natural, cruelty free, and vegan products. I wanted to use products that were better for my health and better for the environment. Typical feminine washes don't really follow those standards. I was recently introduced to Honey Pot Feminine Wash and I absolutely fell in love with the product!

The first thing that caught my eye was the pump bottle, the product comes out as a foam. I tend to like pumps versus pour out bottles. The next thing that stood out to me were the ingredients including, grapefruit seed oil, apple cider vinegar, lavender oil, and coconut oil. If a product contains too many chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients, I'll put it right back on the shelf and walk away. I was even browsing in Whole Foods and spotted Honey Pot Feminine Wash on the shelves! Whole Foods has strict standards for the products that they sell, so if the Honey Pot Feminine Wash made it onto their shelves, you know it is some good stuff!!

So how do you use this feminine wash? The wash is meant for external use ONLY. I personally liked using the wash after a sweaty workout and after using the restroom (i'm one of those crazy people who likes to wash off after using the restroom). I washed my hands with the wash, shook the bottle, dispensed a few pumps in my hand, applied the product with my hand, and rinsed. I didn't experience any type of stinging, itching, or anything strange. I've been using the Honey Pot Feminine Wash consistently for about 2 months and I really like it. 

I can honestly say that I would recommend this product, as I have no bad things to say about it! Feel free to click the links above to view the feminine wash and the other products from the Honey Pot line. I hope you check out this wash, you won't regret it! Do you have any experience with feminine washes? Let me know in the comments! Until next time!

April K.
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Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy National Library Week!

The library is one our our favorite places to go and our library happens to be pretty awesome! We go to our library weekly for a class called Learning Spaces and for story time. Since it is National Library week, I wanted to share a few resources that we use in our library system.

1. FREE Events - The Atlanta Fulton Public Library System always has free events for kids and adults. It is usually the first place that I look for events in our area. Here are a few events posted on the library system website homepage. But I usually look in the events calendar. Also, getting to know your librarians, they will tell you about events coming up so you can plan for them!

2. Book Flix - You know those days when you want a little break from mom duties but your little has other plans?! I know all too well.  This is when I turn to Book Flix, which is a library provided website that reads animated books aloud. You need a library card to use Book Flix so get one today!

3. Hoopla - Oh my gosh, what took me so long to discover Hoopla? Hoopla is a website and app that lets you digitally borrow books, music, and even movies! So basically, I can stay in the house all weekend and still have entertainment lol. You also need a library card to use Hoopla.

We use the library so much, we have gotten to know the library staff and Ava made a Library Day card for the children's librarian. I have always loved going to the library. I used the library a ton in college, after college for leisurely reading, and now since beginning our homeschool journey. I encourage you to check out your local library and see what resources you can use. Until next time!
April K.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our Weekend in Pictures April 8th and 9th

I am so grateful to live in a city with so many fun and free events! This past Saturday, we attended the Dogwood Festival which is an annual favorite for us. We saw beautiful artwork ( the artists don't allow pictures), ate yummy vegan food, and we saw a marionette show by Peter Hart.

After the Dogwood Festival, we went to wish Ava's friends a Happy 2nd Birthday! Ava played, danced, and there was a petting zoo!! There were goats, chickens, bunnies, ducks, even a pig. The animals were adorable, too bad we couldn't take a bunny home!

On Sunday I went to a Thailand New Year Festival. I got to hang out with my friend, see the different food vendors, visit the temple, and see beautiful traditional Thai attire in a dance performance.

We had a fun weekend. Normally Ava is with my parents on weekends, but with so many activities coming up, we have a lot of hanging out to do! I am excited to share these pictures with you, I like sharing glimpses into our simple life. Until next time. April K.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Our Daily Routine SAHM Version

Ohh the dreaded questions to a stay at home mom, " what do you do all day?" " are you really going to homeschool her and keep her sheltered?" Honestly, before becoming a stay at home mom (SAHM), I didn't know what went on all day either lol. I wanted to share our daily routine with you just to get an idea of what a SAHM does. Of course no two moms are alike, so routines will vary. But here is our routine! This is a routine for a 3.5 year old who doesn't go to a daycare, PMO, etc and is tot schooling.

5am till 7am - Me time! Depending on the day I will workout and shower. If Ava's dad is home, I'll go to the gym which is always a treat. If he isn't home, I'll do a living room workout. I also recite my affirmations, check emails, scroll through social media, write, and listen to podcasts.

7am till 7:45am - Ava wakes and we do a little bit of homeschool. Calendar time, letters, numbers, and reading. She may color in the kitchen with me while I whip up breakfast.

8am till 9am - Eat breakfast and get dressed. Oatmeal and tofu scramble for the win!

9:30am - Leave the house, if I woke up on time and the morning went smoothly lol. It normally goes smoothly because Ava knows that we most likely have something fun planned for the day.

10am till 12:30pm - Activities like story time, the playground, museum, playdates with friends,  hiking, etc. Depending on the day, I may go for a run with Ava in the jogging stroller or a bike ride with her in the bike trailer.

1pm till 2pm - Head home for lunch. Sometimes I pack a lunch and we eat while we are out. But if we don't eat out, we eat whatever is at home. Usually, something is always cooked, but if it is not, i'll make smoothies, or veggie burgers and fries, something simple.

2pm till 3:30/4 - Quiet Time. She may be tired from being out the house and will sleep about 2 hours. If she doesn't sleep, she will play in her room with books in her bed. I'll start on dinner if we aren't having leftovers. I may also watch YouTube, catch up on my trash TV, work on pictures and posts for my blog. Depending on the day, I may workout.

4pm till 5:30- Ava wakes up. We may do some arts and crafts, finish up school,  go to the playground if we didn't go in the morning, or this is when she likes to play with her toys. I play with her a lot during this time.

6pm till 8pm - Dinner, bath, bedtime stories, and Ava's bedtime.

8pm till 9pm - I'll clean up if needed, then I crawl in the bed to read a book. I have always been a sleepy head (ask my friends) so I am usually knocked out by 9pm lol.

And we wake up and do it all again the next day! So here is what this SAHM does all day lol. I'm in mommy mode during the week and I am luckily able to get a break on the weekends (thanks mom!). What does your mom routine look like? Let me know in the comments! Until next time!
April K.